• The Sunday, September 16th Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon route has changed this year due to an algae bloom in Stockbridge Bowl.  The paddle segment will now be in Richmond Pond and the bike and run routes have also been finalized.  The bike will start at the usual location in Great Barrington and the run will end at Tanglewood.  Please check Josh website for updates.  RPA website subscribers have received many additional details. See below for more details.
  • All kayakers, canoeists & SUP paddlers MUST WEAR a PFD  (life preserver) from Sept. 15 to May 15.
  • Richmond Town Beach was open for the summer, until shortly after Labor Day, with hours 11 am to 7 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Dogs are not permitted in the beach area, & only on leash in boat ramp area. New No Smoking regulations apply in both locations.
  • See RPA Annual Report 2017
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Quattro, a Catspaw Dinghy, at Rest on the Pond

Photo & Dinghy by Stevan Patterson

First Trout ever, at

Age Six!

​Many more to follow...

Richmond Pond will host Paddle Leg of Josh Billings RunAground on Sunday, September 16th. 

A previous communication was sent to Richmond Pond Association website subscribers on 9/10/18.  Since then, the length of the paddle segment has been changed to 2 1/2 circuits of the pond.

Because of the closure of Stockbridge Bowl to swimming & other activities related to the algae bloom there, the planning committee for the Josh RunAground has requested, and has had approved by the chair of the Richmond Board of Selectmen, in response to a recommendation from the Richmond Pond Harbormaster (the Richmond Town Administrator), relocating the canoe/kayak/SUP component of the Sunday, September 16th Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon to Richmond Pond. The Richmond Pond Association executive board was consulted & enthusiastically endorsed this action.

The decision to use Richmond Pond has been publicly released (see article in 9/10/18 Berkshire Eagle, front page of Sports section). Details of the re-routing of the 3-part race have since been finalized by the race committee.

In preparation for the race, race marker buoys were placed around Richmond Pond last weekend. Please do not remove or relocate them.

Revised race details have been posted on the Josh website & on their Facebook page. More detailed instructions for race participants will be in their race packets. 

Several safety motorboats have been volunteered by those with boats already on the pond. Other boaters not racing are asked not to be on the lake during the race.

Additional race day volunteers would be helpful. Let me know if you can help, & I'll pass along your info to the race committee.

The race director & race committee are very aware that the race will be an inconvenience to some people, but they are asking permission to share their beautiful location for a half a day on Sunday, September 16. On Sunday, from 7:30 am to 12 noon, Town Beach Road & the boat ramp will be closed to traffic.  Access to & from Richmond Shores will be limited to residents & their guests.  For the safety of the bikers, which can be in large packs and moving very fast, Richmond Shores residents are strongly urged not to leave or enter Shore Road between 10 am and 11:30 am on Sunday for the safety of bikers. After 11:30 there will still be bikers coming down the road but they will be much more spread out. If residents need to leave the community, the race committee strongly requests that they drive down Shore Road to go out to Swamp Road and if they see any bikers, please pull over off the road to let bikers pass.

They hope that the residents around the pond will come out to view the race (no cars please) and if anyone would like to volunteer, they can certainly use them. The runners should not have any impact on the community since they will exit Camp Russell and head right up to Swamp Road. They will have police/sheriffs at all major intersections and where bikers/runners cross the road.

The race director has asked me to share her own and the race committee's thanks to the community for allowing the Josh to use their roads, public boat ramp, and Town Beach for the 42nd Josh Billings Triathlon. Cooperation from Richmond Town officials, volunteers from the Richmond Pond Association & others has already been extremely helpful in "saving" the paddle portion of the race when Stockbridge Bowl became unavailable. This should be an exciting event, introducing many from the Berkshires to Richmond Pond while we have a ring-side seat!

Ken Kelly, President 
Richmond Pond Association 
Email: kkelly@utica.edu

PS - Here are the details from the race committee:

Josh Billings 2018

Estimated Time Frame for Each Leg:

9:30 am Bike Race Starts 
10:10 First biker arrives on Boys Club Road 
11:30 Last biker will arrive on Boys Club Road 
10:15 First boat in the water 
11:45 Last boat in the water 
10:50 First runner leaves Camp Russell 
1:00 Last runner leaves Camp Russell

Bike Leg

Bike starts in Great Barrington at the Price Chopper parking lot as usual. The bikers ride up to West Stockbridge on the usual route however once they arrive in West Stockbridge they turn left and go up 41.  They proceed up 41 to a right turn onto Summit Road. Summit Road will be closed to traffic. At the end of Summit, the bikers turn left onto Swamp Road and then a left onto Boys Club Road. The bikers proceed down the road and turn left onto a gravel road (Beech Road) which takes them all the way to the Richmond Boat Ramp where the transition area will be for all paddlers and the iron/tin racers. Slow down when you turn onto Boys Club Road before you come to the gravel. The bike leg is 23.8 miles.

Paddle Leg

The paddlers take the hand-off and then run/jog/walk 1/3 mile to the Richmond Beach where the paddling leg begins. Iron/tin racers have their transition at the Boat Ramp and then head to the Beach to begin paddling. The paddle is 2 ½ times around the lake ending at Camp Russell. The runners will be waiting for the paddlers at the camp and the iron/tin transition area is also at the camp. The paddle is ~5 miles.

Run Leg

The runners will take the hand-off at the Camp Russell Beach and run up to Swamp Road.  They will turn right on Swamp, take a left down East Road, come down to a left on Lenox Road and then proceed up and over the mountain to the finish at Tanglewood. Lenox Mountain Road will be closed to traffic. The run course is 6.5 miles.


Bike Leg - Bikers will leave the Richmond Shores area immediately after finishing the race. They will exit via Shore Road as directed by volunteers. Once back on Swamp Road they can bike back to Great Barrington to pick up their cars or head back to Tanglewood by going back into West Stockbridge and then back on the usual Josh route. They cannot bike back over the mountain since runners and cars will be on the mountain. The bike course is 24.2 miles.

Paddle Leg - Paddlers can drop their boats off at the Town Beach before 7:30 in the morning. After 7:30 no cars will be allowed down the road and you must park up at Camp Russell and paddle over to the Town Beach. Boats must be at the Town Beach by 8:30am. Lenox Crew Team will be at the Beach to help put boats into the water. When your paddle leg is finished you will take out at the camp and bring your boat to your car. There will be high school students to help you from Lenox Crew and Pittsfield Track teams. When driving out of Camp Russell you MUST USE CAUTION since bikers will still be coming down the road.

Run Leg - Runners must be up at Camp Russell by 9 am, the road will be closed at that time. We will try to get a shuttle from Tanglewood to the Camp in the morning, please check our FB page and website for updates. You will stay behind orange cones on Swamp Road before turning on to East Road. Use caution when running over the mountain since the road is open to traffic.

Spectators - No spectators are allowed at the Town Beach or the Boat Ramp. No spectators at Camp Russell unless you need to drive a paddler or runner to the race. There is minimal parking at the camp and we need the spaces for the paddlers and runners. When driving out of Camp Russell you MUST USE CAUTION since bikers will still be coming down the road.

Iron and Tin Teams

Transition Areas:

Bike/Paddle Transition - The Iron/Tin (I/T) will drop off their boat early in the morning to the Town Beach. The transition area is at the Boat Ramp where you will leave your paddle transition items. There will be several porta potties. Please lock your bikes at the transition, we are not responsible for damage or loss of your bike.

Paddle/Run Transition - I/T will drop off your run transition items at the designated area near the lake. Then you will head down to Great Barrington to the bike start. Lenox Crew Team and Pittsfield Track Team will take your boat when you finish the boat leg and will bring it to the field where it can be picked up later. DO NOT try to rush this, leave plenty of time to arrive in Great Barrington for the bike start.

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