This was a successful year of implementing our newly adopted Lake Management Plan goals for preserving and protecting Richmond Pond.  We can only accomplish these goals through volunteer RPA members working in collaboration with the Richmond Town Administrator, Richmond Conservation Commission and City of Pittsfield Open Space & Natural Resource Program Manager.  We thank our donors for their generous support, without which far less can happen!  We invite you to join our monthly public meetings, our Facebook page and our website subscribers group.


  • Weed management of the pond continues to be successful.  Thanks to the Town of Richmond and City of Pittsfield for allocating the funds for herbicide treatment.
  • Public boat launch monitor enforcement continued, with boat inspections to prevent zebra mussels, also funded by the Town of Richmond.
  • Study of the siltation and build-up of decaying weeds in the canal and monitoring of Nordeen Marsh water levels should help determine the best management plan.
  • Access to the pond was significantly improved with the renovated public boat launch area, new accessible fishing platforms and canoe/kayak launch (all state-funded), as well as RPA-funded benches.
  • Tributary monitoring reveals that the pond delivers clean water to the Housatonic River.
  • Increased the promotion of boating & swimmer safety rules.
  • First annual all-town RPA-sponsored picnic was held at Camp Russell – a new format for RPA’s annual meeting.
  • Shoreline fishing trail was cleaned up and related signage was installed.
  • The donation was celebrated of the former Camp Marion White beaver pond, blue heron rookery and land to Mass Audubon for the new Tracy Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • The pond’s dam was inspected; a portion of this cost is supported by RPA.
  • RPA also participates in the implementation of other pond-related action plan initiatives outlined in the Richmond Open Space & Recreation Plan.