​​Town of Richmond Local Wetland Bylaw

(see pp. 16-24 of Town Bylaws)

Boating & Swimming Safety


  • Furnish your boat per all MA state safety requirements.
  • All kayakers/canoeists must wear a PFD (life preserver) from September 15 to May 15.
  • Be courteous to fishermen, non-motorized boaters, & swimmers.
  • Motorized boats may not operate to within 150 feet of shorelines used as swimming areas.
  • Motorized boats may not operate to within 75 feet of floats or markers that designate swimming areas.
  • Limit boat to headway speed when within 150 feet of a swimmer, ramp, raft or float.
  • If towing a skier/tuber, the spotter (not the driver) keeps eyes on skier/tuber all the time.

     See also MA Dept. of Environmental Police Boating Handbook.


  • Be Red Cross ready - learn to swim.
  • Know your abilities & the abilities of those swimming with you.
  • Keep children under constant supervision.
  • Always swim with a buddy.
  • Use lifeguard-staffed Richmond Town Beach when possible.
  • If swimming away from shore, trail a highly visible float or be accompanied by a spotter in a boat (otherwise, motorized boats cannot see you).

     ​See also American Red Cross Swim Safety Guidelines.

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